Looking to EXPAND your business by building a SUCCESSFUL internet based version of your existing or new business without breaking the bank and taking forever to achieve?
Get in touch with us today and let’s show you how we can help you build An AMAZING INTERNET BASED BUSINESS within your Budget and in the FASTEST AMOUNT OF TIME POSSIBLE!


Becoming an amazing, highly respected personality within your industry.

Getting paid higher fees for your  expertise, uniqueness and experience in your industry.

Increasing the value and perceived quality of everything you put your brand on.

Creating a movement of loyal followers and tribe of people who will never abandon you or lose faith in you.

Becoming a thought leader in your industry and getting the well deserved awards you’ve been qualified for all these years!

Being able to sell your products and services at your own price point, without being pressured by your competitors or cajoled by your clients.

Having the authority and recognition that is so powerful, others would be begging you to feature in their seminars, podcasts and joint ventures.

Living a fulfilled life, spending great memorable time with your family and working on your business at your convenience because of all the great opportunities around you.


We are BrandApex Media LLC, A registered Business Development, Branding and Lead Generation Agency based in Oregon USA.

We have helped over 800 entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches, trainers and business owners achieve their dreams, and elevate their businesses through our Personal, Business and Product Development and Branding Services!

Our passion is to help our clients build original, unique, and sustainable brands,Businesses and get them leads to increase their sales monthly.

We pride ourselves with the fact that 97% of our clients are absolutely thrilled about our work and almost every client we worked for still make use of what we have created for them years after the job was done.

Our Expert-Branding and Profit-Automation Service Includes:

    • Business Strategy and Brainstorming Session (We start with the most important step, understanding what your business goals are and who you’re going to help, then we create a blueprint that will guide you on your journey to business growth and success.)
    • Brand Blueprint Development (An in-depth analysis and brainstorming on how we can help you develop your brand status and recognition by building an actionable brand blueprint for you. )
    • Brand Foundation and Usage Guide (The brand foundation and usage guide is created to help you guide your employees, business associates and customers on how your brand should be represented at all times.)
    • Expert Logo Branding (Custom Logo Design, Logo Intro Video)
    • Printable Brand Assets (Business Card, Company Letterhead, Brochure, Envelope, Outdoor Banner, Flyer and CD cover design.)
    • Social Media Covers (Facebook Profile image and cover, Facebook Profile CTA Banner, Facebook Group Cover, Facebook Business Page Cover, Twitter Cover,Youtube Channel Art,  LinkedIn Cover Design)
    • Credibility Kit Design (1 Page introductory document that covers who you are, what you do and how you can be reached.)
    • Ebook Branding (Ebook Cover Design, Ebook Content Branding, Ebook Inner Mockup)
    • Product Mockup Design (For single product mockup)
    • Course Mockup Bundle Design (For multiple products mockup)
    • Presentation Branding (For company reports, pitch decks, proposals etc.)
    • Webinar Branding (For Course Webinars)
    • Promo Video Creation (For promoting courses, businesses, software, products etc.)
    • Custom Website Design (Personal Websites or Company Websites etc.)
    • Landing Page Design (Squeeze Page for Free Download of your Bait product.)
    • Salespage Design (Long Form Salespage or VSL development for your products, services or training.)

We also provide any kind of Design needs you may have for offline purposes like Events, Fairs, Seminars, Outdoor Advertisement, Billboards, Van Display and so much more. We have different packages for you according to your needs and even offer special deals, collaboration and partnership plans.



♦ Affordable Brand Development Service

We’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve whatever they need at the most affordable cost. We have options for you to pick from. Either you choose our Brand Packages or you pick the individual designs you need and we kick off your project.

♦ Fast Execution and Delivery

Most Branding Agency will take 60 – 90 days of your time developing your brand. Our Premium Brand Development service takes only 2 – 3 weeks of execution from Consultation to Completion. we love working with the decision maker directly to ensure perfection!

♦ Simple and Easy Process

“Our Process is easy as a pie!” It doesn’t matter if you’re just about to create a brand for yourself or if you have an existing brand you urgently need to revamp, the first and most important step to creating a great brand for you is through our Strategic Brand Development Session.

♦ High Class and High Quality Branding Service

We’ll help you build an Expert Brand for your business that will help you stand out from your competitors and attract your ideal customers to your business. No matter what industry you belong to, we’ll do the necessary research to create an amazing brand for you.

♦ Convenient Modification and Changes at any time

We have a special partnership offer that allows you to have access to our entire design team at any time! This is best for you if  you’ll always need designs or modifications done on your designs from time to time.

♦ Secured Payment and Open Terms-of-Service

We utilize some of the most secured payment processors in the world and also offer the best terms of service to our clients and partners. No hidden fees, complicated terms or unforeseen clauses. Everything is laid out in black and white.


  1. EASE OF COMMUNICATION: We are very conversant with a lot of communication platforms online and would be happy to use any communication channel that you feel is most convenient for you. We mostly use platforms like Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Messenger, Google Drive, and Pcloud for uploads.

  2. FAST RESPONSE TO MESSAGES: We’re always available online and we respond to clients messages as fast as possible. We don’t go offline for days like most service providers do.

  3. ORIGINAL IDEAS AND CONCEPTS: All the designs we make for our clients are custom designs from scratch, and even if we need to make use of anything from the internet, we ensure the item is copyrights free and can be used for commercial purposes. We even encourage our clients to always send us rough sketch of their ideas, so that we can do our magic and turn their sketch idea to visual beauty.

  4. AFFORDABLE SERVICE: You’ll probably spend thousands of Dollars with other Branding Agencies compared to us. We offer one of the most affordable packages in the market at the highest quality ever and also have great plans for retainer and partnership arrangements.

  5. EASY PAYMENT METHOD: We utilize some of the most convenient payment methods online, the process is simple and time-saving. No complicated documents to read through or long irrelevant forms to fill. We’ll just send you our MOO document and everything you need to execute a smooth payment is there at your finger tip.

  6. FAST DELIVERY: We pride ourselves with the remarkable speed at which we create our client’s designs and deliver faster than you can ever imagine. This skill in itself is worth more than anything for you, because we understand that the earlier we get your Branding done, the earlier you’ll launch and start making impact and returns on your investment.

  7. QUICK RESPONSE TO REVISIONS: If you ever need to revise or tweak any of the designs we make for you, all you have to do is send us a nice instruction on what you need exactly and we’ll make the revisions fast! We don’t delay revisions at all!

  8. UNLIMITED REVISIONS: We understand that sometimes you may need more than 2 – 3 revisions done to your design, so we have made our revisions unlimited. Even though we always ensure we get the job done and finalized within 2-3 revisions.

  9.  UNIQUE DESIGN PERSPECTIVE: One of our super powers is understanding each client’s industry and niche; through client consultation and research. We’ll discuss with you about your business and craft some of the best ideas and concepts for you that will be unique and will perfectly align with your business purpose and brand message.

  10. FRIENDLY AND HIGHLY ACCOMMODATING: We are very friendly and you’ll love our carefree, highly understanding and accommodating style of communication.  We relate with every client from both logical and emotional perspectives and make sure we help our clients in any way we can to ensure that they achieve their goals.

Schedule your FREE 15 MINUTES Brand Development Session with AREWA LANRE Today!

Arewa Olanrewaju is our Lead Creative Director and Brand Strategist. He monitors and supervises all Brand Projects at  BrandApex Media LLC and ensures that we help you build a Badass Brand that will Scream your awesomeness and command your target audience’s attention.

He’ll be personally involved with strategic direction, conceptualization and execution of your project, as we only on-board 5 – 10 new clients per month to maintain our superb creative quality.
This is your opportunity to share your vision and mission with a seasoned designer and get us to help you Identify the right path for your brand and discover if we’re truly a fit to work together for the Success and Advancement of your business.

The purpose of this video session is for us to get a clear picture of where you’re at with your current positioning, brand image, brand assets, and messaging. We will dig into your visual representation and target audience and use our findings to develop a blueprint for your Brand Assets Development and Ultimately your business growth.

There are only 3 possible outcomes of this Strategic Session…

♦ Possible Outcome #1:

You will get a lot of value from the Session and you’ll hire our team right away!

♦ Possible Outcome #2:

You will get value from the Session, but may want to implement everything on your own.

♦ Possible Outcome #3:

You will get a lot of value from the Session, and you’ll want to become one of our lifetime partners.


Answer: This is not a sales call. You’re actually receiving a our premium Brand Development Consultation with our CEO personally for FREE! (No strings attached!) 

On this session. we will get a clear picture of where you’re at with your current positioning, brand image, brand assets, and messaging. We will audit your current brand assets like your existing Logo, Business Card, Social Media covers, Website, Webinar presentations etc. (so make sure to have them ready.) After this call, you’ll not only understand exactly what needs to happen with your brand development, we’ll also both know if we’re an aligned fit to work together. 

A: Below are the steps of what we may cover during the free session if time permits us…

  1. Audit of your current Brand Assets: like your existing Logo, Business Card, Social Media covers, Website, Webinar presentations etc. for immediate improvements (or a complete overhaul) to stop leaking leads and opportunities… so you have instant ROI you can implement whether or not we work together.  (If you don’t have any of these assets, then we’ll start with your Brand Message and Purpose.
  2. Gain clarity on your Brand Purpose: Your overall brand essence includes your Personal Brand, your Business Brand, and your Product Brand. – We’ll need to look at each part and determine what to do for each when it comes to showcasing them to the world. (just like we’ve done for many of our successful clients).
  3. Develop Visual appeal for your Brand:  Once we’re done with your Brand Voice, we’ll dive deep into Brand Color psychology and identify 2 to 3 most applicable colors for your new brand.
  4. Creating New Identity for your Brand: Now that your brand voice and brand colors are been determined, we will do some on-session research for the best names your brand should now possess. Unless of course, you want to continue using your existing names. (Most times we get to create new powerful names for client’s products and services.)
  5. Develop your Brand Blueprint: At this point, we already have everything we need to create an Outline of the most important Brand Assets you’ll need right away…  I’ll show you our brand assets list and we can tick which of the items you’ll need to commence your brand development process immediately!

You’re a fit if… 

  • You already have a clear product or service offering that sells and produces results for your clients
  • You are a coach, personal trainer, small business owner, service provider, or you’re in personal/business development space (ideally helping entrepreneurs and business owners).
  • You understand the importance of building your brand online and offline (as an authentic expression of your personality) – and you want to stand out.
  • You are inspired and convinced by our numerous client testimonials and you also want us to do same for your business.
  • You have a business influenced by your personal brand (or want a redesign on your personal, company and product(s) brand – yes we do epic company sites too)

You’re not a fit if… 

  • You are just starting out with no money to invest in your brand, no clear vision and don’t have any product vision.
  • You are generating less than $50,000 in gross annual revenue or aren’t funded. (It’s hard working with debtors).
  • You are expecting our branding service to instantly make your business successful, even if you’re not currently generating online or offline profits.
  • You don’t like our client testimonials or you think they are fake reviews.
  • You don’t value custom design and messaging for your brand. (You prefer using template based materials that millions of people use everyday online.)
  • You want to represent yourself online as something different than you are.
  • You just want a single graphic design and prefer to have all kinds of scattered design assets for your business.
  • You aren’t willing to invest in your business (our flexible branding packages start at $2,000)*

*Note on pricing and budget: even if you’re not ready to invest in your brand at this level, I’m still happy to do this Strategic Brand Session for you to help you create a brand vision and blueprint that will save you thousands of dollars on implementation.

A: If you’ve gone through our entire website and watched our client reviews above, you should be sure by now that we offer 10x value in whatever we do. And you’re getting this session for free, even if you don’t hire us for implementation. So there’s absolutely nothing for you to lose. You may even ask us to stop the meeting if you think we’re not giving you what you expected on the call.

A: Yes you can. It’ll be a pleasure for us to be your Brand Strategist and Consultant, even if you don’t hire us for implementation. You can easily purchase a flexible Strategic Brand Consulting slot pack at $1,800 for 5 hours or pay hourly anytime you need us at $500/hour.

A: If we’re fit to work together after the Strategic Session, we’ll discuss which package is right for you (either on the call or in another session), ensure that the scope of your project fits into the package (sometimes we create a custom proposal), and you’ll put in a deposit to get started. We typically have a 2 – 3 days waiting list and a 3 weeks Proven Process. Your first project payment gets you in the queue. 

A: Consider this Strategic Session as the start of our working relationship, in terms of both your time and your financial investment. Plus, we always want to connect for at least one call for an Alignment Assessment to confirm that we’re a good fit to work together.

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