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Part 1 of 5

– An Introduction to SaaS as a business model and a quick look at the challenges faced by the SaaS industry.

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Part 2 of 5

– The 5 stages of a SaaS company growth from Idea to Retention stage. You’ll be learning about what the first 2 stages entails and how you should approach them for the success of your SaaS business.

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Part 3 of 5

– A critical analysis of the 3rd stage of a SaaS company growth which is the Marketing and Sales stage. How to promote your SaaS product efficiently and avoid wasting marketing budget.

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Part 4 of 5

– Learn how to Onboard your Software users in the most convenient and most comfortable way possible. In this Video, you’ll learn strategies to create a great experience for your new software users.

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Part 5 of 5

– In this Video, you’ll Discover the most powerful strategies that will ensure your SaaS company survives and thrives for years to come. Retaining your existing customers is key to taking your SaaS company from zero to 7 figures.

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