This is PERFECT for you, if you WANT...

✅ Consistent BookingsYou’re looking to secure regular speaking engagements, leading to financial stability and certainty of income.

✅ High Visibility: You want to be well-known in your industry, so that event planners can easily find and hire you for those high paying events.

✅ Effective Branding and Positioning: You want a top-notch, top-tier personal brand that helps you stand out from other speakers and position you as a juggernaut in your industry.

✅ A Clear Value Proposition: You desire to have the authority that shows your uniqueness and why clients should hire you over others.

✅ To be Paid Higher Fees: You hope to command higher fees for your speaking engagements and stop accepting “industry standard low rates” to secure bookings.

✅ To become a Negotiation Ninja: You want to have the ability to negotiate better compensation for your services and demonstrate your value effectively.

✅ To Increase your Audience Attention: You want to customize the presentations you use for your work and make them extremely high in quality and value, so that they can grab your audience attention and interests of your target audience at every single event.

✅ A Higher Audience Interaction: You desire to run successful speaking gigs through engaging and interactive sessions with your audience during your talks, leading to more life changing and impactful presentations.

✅ Powerful Marketing and Promotion for your Business: You want to have a magnificent online presence and effectively use your social media accounts, your websites, digital assets, tools and other digital platforms to promote your services to your target audience and get more deals.

✅ A Profit-pulling Marketing Strategy: You crave a clear marketing plan or strategy to position yourself profitably, grow your audience and attract your potential clients.

✅ Repeat Business: You desire to secure repeat engagements from past clients, thus you want to always leave a lasting positive impression whenever you speak at any event.

Become a Highly Paid Professional Speaker, Charge 3X or even 5X what you're charging right now and establish yourself as one of the very best in your Industry.

Those who get paid ridiculous amount of money for speaking, have just one SECRET… They have ESTABLISHED PERSONAL BRANDS, which is what we’re going to create for you in order to pivot you into becoming a global thought leader and influencer. 


❌ No more spending hours behind your laptop searching for the next event planner you can pitch.

❌ No more patronizing expensive agencies or trying to learn complicated software to promote your   business.

❌ No more waiting forever for podcast owners and influencers to reply your interview or shout-out request.

❌ No More Inconsistent Bookings and struggling to maintain a steady flow of speaking engagements, leading to financial instability and unpredictability in income.

❌ No More Inadequate Compensations or Difficulty commanding higher fees for your services and feeling undervalued despite your expertise and experience.

❌ No More Branding and Positioning Challenges that makes it difficult for you to establish a strong personal brand that stands out in a crowded market.

❌ No More challenges with effectively communicating your unique value proposition.

❌ No More Audience Engagement Problems that prevents you from making a lasting impact, which can affect your reputation and repeat bookings.

❌ No More Marketing and Promotion worries that makes it hard to market yourself effectively, through social media, your website, or other channels, to attract potential clients.

❌ No More Difficulties in Reaching your Ideal Client and forging a meaningful connection with them.

❌ No More Struggling to identify and connect with your target audience, resulting in missed opportunities and less impactful engagements.

❌ No More Content Development Pressure and the constant need to create fresh, relevant, and impactful content that resonates with your audience.

❌ No More problems with keeping your materials current and relevant.

❌ No More Technological Barriers, trying to understand the latest technology and platforms for virtual presentations, social media, and website optimization.

❌ No More crappy Feedback system, waiting for weeks before receiving constructive feedback that can help you improve your delivery, content, and overall performance.


Fill your Calendar & Get Booked Consistently

Maintain a steady stream of speaking engagements. Build a solid brand and a reliable system to consistently attract and secure speaking gigs. 

Your days of facing periods of feast and famine are over and your financial instability will become a thing of the past!

Charge More for Your Services

Command higher fees for your speaking engagements. Enhance your perceived value, develop the confidence and authority to communicate your value.

And discover the negotiation skills you need to secure better compensation for all your speaking gigs henceforth!

Reach and Engage your Most Ideal Clients

Utilize the most effective methods to reach your target audience, discover opportunities before they are made public and secure some of the sweetest deals in the industry in the most efficient way possible.

 Get on your Ideal Clients’ radar and always be top on the minds of event planners.

My Team and I will help you build AN INCREDIBLE BRAND that will POSITION YOU in a VERY POWERFUL WAY. Then I’ll show you exactly what to do, where to go and how to get directly in front of BUSINESSES, ORGANIZATIONS and EVENT PLANNERS looking for SPEAKERS like you ​


Who Am I and Why am I making these BOLD CLAIMS?

My Journey of Empowering Voices and Transforming Lives started a few years back

Hi, I am Arewa Olanrewaju…

In 2014, I embarked on a journey that would change my life and the lives of countless others.

As a Speaker, Business Mentor, Consultant and Freelancer, I began working with business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and professional speakers from all corners of the globe, dedicated to helping them build their brands, create impactful presentations, and develop their best-selling books.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of consulting with business owners, branding their businesses, creating high-converting presentations, promotional assets, websites, landing pages, and social media accounts for these remarkable individuals, ensuring their messages reached the hearts of their audiences.

Through this journey, I’ve come to understand the unique needs and immense challenges faced by professional speakers. I’ve seen firsthand the relentless dedication it takes to inspire, educate, and uplift others. But more importantly, I’ve witnessed the transformative power these speakers have on their audiences. Every story told, every lesson shared, has the potential to change lives.

This profound impact is what drives me. The joy and purpose I find in supporting these voices are beyond measure. I know that each presentation I create, every asset I develop, is not just a tool but a catalyst for positive change. It’s about helping someone, somewhere, become better, think better, and live better.

My expertise and experience are at your service, but it’s my passion that truly sets me apart. I am deeply committed to being part of your success story. I am fueled by the knowledge that together, we can amplify your impact and ensure your voice reaches those who need it most.

This path has led me to work with some of the best in the speaking industry, and now, I want to extend that same dedication to you. It’s not just about your ability to touch lives—it’s about your growth, your success, and your legacy as a life-changing personality and influencer.

My purpose is to ensure your message resonates more, your impact deepens, and your success knows no bounds. Your voice has the power to transform lives, and I am here to help you amplify it.

So, after years of studying the most successful global speakers, learning from their courses and working with extraordinary Keynote Speakers, I’ve finally created a HYBRID PROPRIETARY SYSTEM that will SKYROCKET your BRAND, AMPLIFY your MESSAGE and take you from where you are to SPEAKING STARDOM!


Here's everything you'll get in this SYSTEM...

Phase #1 - Brand Audit and Assets Development (2 weeks)

We’ll audit your existing brand, then tweak or redesign your entire Brand and turn it into a Premium Elite Speaker Brand. This includes your Logo, Brand Colors, Business card, Photography, Flyer, Brochure, Keynote Presentation, Social Media Banners, Video Reel, other Brand Assets and Templates.

$25,000 Value

Phase #2 - Positioning and Authority Building (4 weeks)

In this phase, we’ll kick off  your Authority and Positioning by redesigning your Website, creating your Podcast, helping you build a Mini-course and finally writing your first Book. 

$35,000 Value

Phase #3 - Marketing, Promotion & Sales (6 weeks)

In this final phase, we’ll commence marketing and promotion of your business  using the assets we have developed in the first 2 phases above. We’ll issue a Press Release, create Lead gen channels, secure Influencer Shout-outs, request for Guest Posts and Podcast Interviews, Invite Influencers to your Podcast and Collaborate with Industry leaders to reach a wider audience and increase your popularity.

$40,000 Value

In other to ensure your ABSOLUTE success, I’m also adding some Conversion based Lead Gen strategies to this system as Bonuses…

BONUS #1 - LinkedIn Outreach Conversion

I’ll show you how to get right in front of your ideal clients on LinkedIn and share some sales-tested insights with you to help you connect with them effectively and profitably.

$5,000 Value

BONUS #2 - Cold Email Outreach Strategy

I’ll also show you how to use Cold Email as a medium for more business opportunities by connecting with C-Level Executives and Event Planners that are willing and able to pay for your exceptional talent.

$5,000 Value

- Total Value -


For a Limited Time, We’re offering this amazing service for 91% off! 


Partner with us and BENEFIT IMMENSELY from our PREMIUM BRANDING and BUSINESS GROWTH SERVICES, get access to the MOST EFFECTIVE Strategies, Assets, Resources and tools, that is GUARANTEED to help you Stand Out, Charge Higher and Speak More!

Pay at ONCE or Pay in INSTALLMENTS, Choose what's best for YOU!

We understand that financial constraints might make it challenging to seize this incredible opportunity to strengthen and grow your speaking career. That’s why we’re offering flexible payment plans to make this investment more accessible for you.

Choose the plan that suits you best from the options below:


$8,900 FLAT FEE (Save $1,000)

Save $1,000 instantly!


3 instalments of #3,300/month

Spread the investment over time!

This is very enticing AREWA… but what’s the Guarantee that you’ll deliver as promised?

Here's Our Ironclad Guarantee: Your Success, No Matter What!

We are absolutely committed to your success. That’s why we offer this unparalleled guarantee: 

We assure you that you’ll see huge improvements in your speaking business. You’ll be able to increase your charges and also secure 2 – 5 new speaking gigs before the end of the 12 Weeks period of working with us.

If you don’t achieve these results within 12 weeks, we’ll continue working with you at no additional cost until you do.



Due to the nature of this service, we can only work with a maximum of 5 clients within the time frame of this service delivery. This ensures that everything we need to get done are executed in the most flawless ways possible and we crush it for our clients!

Once all 5 spots are taken for this quarter, (JULY – SEPTEMBER 2024) we‘ll have to put you on the waiting list for the next batch. (OCTOBER – DECEMBER 2024).

So, you need to take action right now and lock in your spot before it’s too late!

Remember, every minute of delay and procrastination, Someone else is about to hop in and GRAB YOUR SPOT!

Okay Okay AREWA… How do we get started?



Click here to CONTACT ME on LinkedIn, I’ll ask you a few questions, so that I can get to know your Speaking business better. We’ll finalize on the payment option you want, sign contracts and initiate secure payment immediately.


I’ll request for all your existing brand assets and any other logins necessary for us to work effectively on your business. We’ll kick off your the first phase of your project immediately with Brand Audit and Brand Assets Development.


In order to get started, we’re going to ask you to fill a very simple KYC (Know-Your-Client) form. Once you fill the form and provide all the needed information we require, we’ll kick off the first phase of the projects.

Once we start off with the first phase, you’ll start seeing interesting results with the way your audience will react to your new visuals and the corresponding content we’ll give you to customize and share on your social media platforms.

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